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iCEV’s Business, Marketing, Finance, IT & Media curriculum was created with educators and students in mind. With iCEV’s innovative, learning-on-demand platform, educators have unlimited access to prebuilt, fully customizable courses, complete with media-rich lessons and supporting coursework. Lessons within this site feature industry experts and cover important topics such as business, computer technologies, finance, information technology and more.

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Multiple Preps Made Easy

iCEV equips you to face the challenge of managing multiple preps head-on. Our diverse content library and coursework make it simple for you to teach a range of courses with a single resource, all at a cost-effective price!

Plus, should your course offerings change, there is no need to update your instructional materials.

Microsoft® Office Curriculum

2016 & 2019 Versions Available

Unit-Based Lessons Utilizing Multimedia

Each Microsoft® Office lesson is broken into short units which include both PowerPoint® presentations and video segments to cover and demonstrate lesson objectives.

Grading Projects is Easier than Ever

Project sheets contain detailed instructions for completing the project as well as sample images of the final project and a grading rubric. Student files are provided to serve as a starting point for projects or to be utilized in projects.




The City of Atomsville

Pair with Microsoft® Office Curriculum

What is Atomsville?

The fictitious city of Atomsville is comprised of a wide spectrum of businesses which encompass the 16 career clusters. Students can choose the business which best fits their career interests and can shape their Microsoft® Office projects to fit the needs of that company.

Atomsville enables students to tailor curriculum to their pursuits through real-world scenarios and projects which relate to a career of their choice. All students are given the same project instructions but are allowed to customize projects to showcase their individuality. Students have the option of changing businesses and can explore various clusters at their discretion.



Free & Flexible Professional Development

Online Sessions

Easily schedule a personalized, online professional development session with an iCEV Curriculum Consultant at your convenience.


On-Site Programs

Customized professional development sessions meet the needs of schools and districts looking to maximize use of iCEV (based on availability).



Throughout the year, iCEV frequently hosts specialized workshops and in-booth presentations at education conferences across the country. 




Career-Readiness Through Skills Validation

Industry certifications, tested for on iCEV, are developed and issued by leading industry partners, reflect the needs of real-world career expectations and can be earned while completing regular coursework.


CTE Teachers Love iCEV

Kari Page
Freshman Academy Director
Canyon ISD

“I don't have to worry about boring my students anymore. My students come to class eager to learn more and create new projects.”

Cathy Slagle
Business and Marketing Teacher
Ben Barber Career Tech

"It's a great classroom enhancement for both the students and myself, and it gives my students more confidence in their work."

Denise Cito
Marketing Teacher/DECA Advisor
McMinn County Schools

"The videos with the industry professionals are absolutely priceless."