iCEV & Schoology LTI (External Tool) Integration Guide

exclamation-circle-solid.svg Before getting started

Please share these system requirements with your Technology department:

Things to consider before using the External Tool.

  • Students are automatically registered through the External Tool.
  • Students no longer must be registered through (iCEV).
  • Individual teachers should opt to use either iCEV or the External Tool; not both.
  • If the External Tool will be used and iCEV has been used; please hide all the lessons in iCEV.
    • This will minimize confusion of the students.
    • This will make it easier to find the students’ grades.
  • The External Tool and iCEV are two different accounts.
    • Settings changed in one account do not affect the other account and vice-versa.
  • NOTE: When students send their work; they are shown a “Detailed Summary” page.
    • This page shows the question, their answer, and the correct answer.
      • This page cannot be turned off or hidden.
    • This page also acts as a receipt; it is a confirmation that iCEV has received the submission, graded the submission, and sent the grade back to Schoology.
  • Grades will only show in the Schoology gradebook while the External Tool is being used.
    • Grades are no longer available through the iCEV Course / Lesson Grades reporting tool.
    • The “Highest” scored grade will be passed back to the Schoology gradebook.

How to Use iCEV in Schoology without the External Tool integration

1. Please go to and login

2. Click the green “View” button on the course that will be hyperlinked.

iCEV & Canvas Integration New 01.png

3. Once inside the course, copy the URL from the address bar.

iCEV & Canvas Integration New 02.png

4. Go back into Schoology

5. Click Add Materials

6. Click Add File/Link/External Tool

iCEV & Schoology Integration New 02.png

7. Click Link

iCEV & Schoology Integration New 03.png

8. Paste the URL into the Link/URL field

9. Name the Title; the name of the course in iCEV

iCEV & Schoology Integration New 04.png

10. Click Add

iCEV & Schoology Integration New 05.png

How to Use iCEV in Schoology with External Tool integration

Before continuing below, please do the following:

1. Send the Technical Guide to the Schoology Administrator

2. See the frequently asked question: “Is there an easier way to get assignments into Schoology?”

NOTE: The External Tool must be installed by the Administrator before following the steps below.

1. Click Add Materials

2. Click Add File/Link/External Tool ​​

iCEV & Schoology Integration New 03.png

3. Click External Tool

4. Tool Provider: iCEV

5. In this example; Title: 01. Watch this PowerPoint / Video - Scientific Procedures & Safety

6. URL: {when the Tool Provider was set to iCEV; this field should say “Custom”}

7. Consumer Key: {when the Tool Provider was set to iCEV; this field should say “Custom”}

8. Shared Secret: {when the Tool Provider was set to iCEV; this field should say “Custom”}

9. Check, Enable Grading for assignments that need to transmit the grade into Schoology

iCEV & Schoology Integration New 06.png

10. Click Submit

iCEV & Schoology Integration New 07.png

11. Click the Assignment

iCEV & Schoology Integration New 08.png

12. The resource picker page will appear

  1. If there are any error messages please double check the external tool settings
  2. If after double checking the external tool please contact us for assistance

13.     Click -- Select Subject --

14.     Select the Subject Area

15.     Click Select Lesson from Course

16.     In this example scroll down until Advanced Animal Science is visible

17.     Click the triangle next to Scientific Procedures & Safety

18.     Click the green select button for Videos / PowerPoint​​​​

iCEV & Canvas Integration New 10.png

19. The External Tool assignment is now complete

20. If multiple sections are being used; the steps above must be completed for each section

iCEV & Schoology Integration New 09.png

21. Below is an example of a completed folder

Course View

iCEV & Schoology Integration New 10.png

Calendar View

iCEV & Schoology Integration New 11.png

Gradebook View

iCEV & Schoology Integration New 12.png


iCEV & Schoology

Is there any easier way to get the assignments into Schoology?

Yes, import the course from Schoology Public Resources.

This is a work in progress. Please contact us ( if you cannot find your specific curriculum and we will have it added.

Importing Schoology Public Resources

Schoology is acting strangely what can I do?

Please review this resource:

What does “Error Couldn't retrieve LMS Data.” mean?

Typically, that error message appears when the internet is slow or unstable. If the student refreshes the browser a few times the error message should go away.

If the error message is very persistent; please have the student clear their internet history and cache.

Please use this resource to clear the internet history and cache from Google Chrome:

Please use this resource to clear the internet history and cache from Microsoft Edge:

Please use this resource to clear the internet history and cache from Mozilla Firefox:

Please use this resource to clear the internet history and cache from Safari on a Mac:

Please use this resource to clear the internet history and cache from Safari on an iPad:

Please use this resource to disable “Prevent cross-site tracking” in the Safari browser:

How does grade pass back work?

1.     Student submits a student interactive assignment

2.     Submission is graded

3.     Student is shown the “Detailed Summary Page”

4.     If the grade is higher than the earlier submission; this grade is sent to the gradebook

5.     The grade is sent to the Schoology gradebook five (5) times

6.     Schoology will automatically convert our 100-point scale score to the point value you entered while setting up the Schoology external tool assignment point value

Some student grades are missing, what can be done?

1.    Have the student go back to the assignment that is missing the grade

2.    Have the student click the text that says “Summary”

a.    This will re-trigger, the grade pass back for this student and assignment

3.    Students may have to do this a few times

Schoology Summary Text.png

All student grades are zero (0), what can be done?

1.    Make certain that the point value assigned to the Schoology external tool assignment is something other than zero (0)

Grades are not showing under the correct assignment in the Schoology Gradebook.

Most likely this scenario has happened:

1. The student opens Assignment “A” and tries few questions.

2. The student then opens another Assignment “B” in new window on same browser.

3. The student finally moves back to Assignment “A” window and attempts / sends the assignment.

In this scenario, scores will appear under Assignment “B” rather than Assignment A because scores are sent back for the last opened assignment (Assignment “B” in this case) on the browser as the session is updated.

How can I see when grades were received by the Schoology Gradebook?

Track Revisions shows as grades are coming in; under "Name” anywhere you see “Not Available”; that’s Schoology receiving the grade from iCEV or any other external tools being used.

Please review this resource:


Where is the “Detailed Summary” page? I could see this page in

Where is the “Detailed Summary” page? I could see this page in

This page is only shown to the student. This page cannot be turned off or hidden from the student.

Teachers do not have access or the ability to disable this page when using the External Tool.

This page is receipt for the student.

When the page is displayed the following has happened:

1. The submission was successfully sent for grading

2. The submission was successfully graded

3. The grade along with the correct answers is shown

4. We send the grade to the Schoology gradebook (5) five times.

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